How Do I Get To Doors Of Divergence?

Doors of Divergence is located 10 minutes from Manhattan at 32 Meadow Street in East Williamsburg within Future Proof HQ .

We are best reached from the Grand Street or Montrose L line stops. Parking is extremely limited, and we recommend arriving an extra 30 minutes early if you plan to drive to our venue.

What Are Your COVID-19 Policies?

All Doors of Divergence shows require proof of vaccination, as provided by state or federal authorities upon entry. Show spaces are cleaned and disinfected between performances.

Are Shows Public or Private Groups?

All shows are private bookings with a 3-ticket minimum. The minimum participant count is two patrons, as several major story elements, interactions and puzzles are best experienced with a friend (or foe, for that matter).

Do The Shows Contain Puzzles? Are They Difficult?

The shows do contain puzzles, along with adaptive difficulty scaling. Aid for solving the puzzles is always on hand, but is never forced upon you and instead built narratively into the show. If you came to be immersed in a story and transported to another world and your friend is a hardcore puzzler who has never used a hint, you will both enjoy the experience.

Is This A Haunted House Or Horror Experience? Can I Bring My Child?

While not a horror themed event, there are intense moments that include dramatized violence, occult rituals and trauma. The experience is not recommended for anyone under 18, and those between 13-18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Patrons under the age of 12 are not admitted. Also, nobody jumps out at you. We promise.

Can I Choose Not To Have Any Actors In My Show? I'm Not Comfortable Role-Playing.

Although actors are an integral part of the experience, direct interaction and roleplay are not required to solve any puzzle or to progress the story. However, we do recommend playing along with the story!

Can I Play In Any Order? Or Do I Have To Play Chapter 1 Before 2?

Each show has a “canon” or “default” storyline that is self-contained, with references to the other shows that are not essential to understand. If a player has not played the previous chapter, they can still enjoy themselves!

The Rift