Hello, me. It's you.

Hello, me. It's you.

From the future, that is. Don’t ask how it’s possible. Just listen.

There’s not much time. Well, not for me, but you have plenty- it’s hard to explain. Something’s happened to reality: different places and times are colliding, events that were never meant to touch are overlapping- and you, I mean me... WE are at the center of it.

There’s a place, a Paradox, and there are these Doors- they lead to unbelievable places. You need to go there, enter these worlds. Maybe you’ll make the right choices this time, and fix what was broken.

There aren’t many things I can tell you without breaking reality further, but if nothing else remember this: this all depends on you. Gather your friends, your courage and your wits, and open these Doors of Divergence

The Rift