Heresy: 1897 Date and Tickets Announced

Heresy: 1897 Date and Tickets Announced

The Time has finally come friends.

Doors of Divergence is proud to announce the opening of Heresy: 1897, the first in a trilogy of inter-connected immersive shows, rooted in the escape room tradition.

Audience members will be transported to the waning days of Victorian London, answering the summons of a renegade alchemist and investigating his past to fix the future. Player choice is the guiding dynamic in this show: the decisions the audience makes will determine their experience, from the events of the story, the spaces they enter, the characters they interact with, and who lives or dies.

Most importantly, the choices made in Heresy, 1897 will track into the upcoming second show, releasing later this year, resulting in a truly unique experience that stays with the audience long after they leave.

Heresy is set to open June 10th, 2022 in Brooklyn, NY.

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