The Paradox Cycle

The Paradox Cycle

The Paradox Lounge stands at the center of time’s fracturing. It is a bar cobbled together from the debris of a hundred times and a thousand places. The people there are an eclectic mix of scientists, tinkerers, and vagabonds from different eras, all collaborating to chart this anomaly.

And if the correct path cannot be found, if the rift in space and time cannot be healed, then reality itself threatens to tear itself asunder..

But time does not shatter apart for no reason: someone, somewhen, created this calamity.

Learning the cause will be no simple task. It  involves a secret society, forbidden experiments, and a grieving alchemist. The rest you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Three doors, three time periods: the causes of this schism span nearly a century, from the back alleys of Victorian London, to a hospital on the outskirts of World War I, to the cutting edge of the 1970’s. It will be up to you to find your way through these three key moments in time, and hopefully reverse the events that threaten to destroy our reality.

But what path will you take? Perhaps you will work with an alchemist to devise a cure for death itself. You may betray a trusted friend to strike a deal with powers beyond your reckoning. You could assist a pair of inmates and put an end to a despicable experiment. You may even trace a family’s tragic story across three generations, and find yourself discovering truths about the cosmos you never dared to dream. Every journey is unique.

The Rift