Fill out your waivers for Heresy:1897 and Madness: 1917 here:

What Each type of ticket is

Private Bookings -

This is the way the Paradox Cycle is designed to be played. Reserve a show for just you and your guests, helping to guarantee you can experience both the puzzle and interactive elements of the show. Private bookings also come with a free beverage at the bar and more flexibility for adapting shows to your group's needs. Private bookings are available for both Heresy: 1897 and Madness: 1917.

Public Bookings -

Our most affordable and date flexible option. Book a public ticket if you don’t mind playing with strangers, or want to play solo by joining a group that has already booked. While you still get to have the same amazing experience as private players, you may have a little less control over your destiny than you would with a private booking, as your group might have to make choices together with strangers (who could just be friends from your future!). Public bookings are only available for Heresy: 1897.