What to Expect

What to Expect

These places you’ll travel are rife with mechanisms built for cryptic purposes. Learn to operate them, uncover their creator’s secrets, determine the cause of this breach in existence, and you may be given the opportunity to change the course of history.

Be warned: the choices you make will ripple through the realities, and each Door you go through will be changed by the decisions you’ve made before. Innumerable paths lie ahead.

Lose Yourself In A New Reality

Paradox is a place that defies explanation- a club at the intersection of space and time, where Doors have begun to open to new years and places.‌

These worlds linked to Paradox- they are beautiful and strange. Curious structures of metal and steam, ornate wood, collapsing brick, all real to the touch. Arcane sights, intriguing smells, and the sounds of eras long past: it’s enough to get lost in. Be careful, or you may not find your way back.

Encounter Strange Characters

Know this: you will not be alone. Through the Doors you will find people who live in these worlds; some will help, when asked. Some may hinder. Many will offer choices, ask questions, make demands. It will be up to you who to trust and who to betray. But remember: time has a memory, and your actions will not go unnoticed.

A Gathering Place At The Edge of Time

Oh, you didn’t think you were the only one, did you? Countless others have gotten messages from their future selves. Here, we call them Parallels, and you’ll meet them at Paradox: a club at the crossroads of time and space. In this place where realities collide, you can gather your wits, and prepare for your journey through the Doors. Know this: your decisions inside each Door will follow you, even after time away- your choices will follow you from one chapter of your story to the next.

Of course, Paradox has its own secrets. You may discover long-forgotten knowledge going back thousands of years, which may come in handy. Perhaps you’ll encounter strange characters from the worlds you have yet to travel, or even stumble into a performance from a simpler or stranger time... you will never experience the same Paradox twice.

The Paradox Cycle
Time does not shatter apart for no reason: someone, somewhen, created this calamity.

The Rift